Retained Executive Search
Los Angeles
Equinox Search is a retained executive search firm focused exclusively on the real estate industry.


representative assignments

Everyone on the Equinox Search team has a strong track record of managing assignments across real estate sectors and functions at all professional levels. We have worked for public and private development and investment concerns, banks and financial institutions, real estate service firms, and offshore real estate entities. The following list of completed searches highlights our diverse functional experience:

Executive Management

Chairman, Investment Firm
Chief Executive Officer, Retail REIT
Chief Executive Officer, Industrial REIT
Chief Executive Officer, Multi Family REIT
President and CEO, Investment Firm
Chief Operating Officer, North America, Investment Firm
Chief Financial Officer, Multi Family REIT
Chief Financial Officer, Investment Firm

Acquisitions/New Investment

Head of West Coast Investments, Investment Firm
VP, Acquisitions, Investment Firm
Senior Investment Officer, Net Lease Investments, Investment Firm
Associate, Acquisitions, Sovereign Wealth Fund
VP, Retail acquisitions, Investment Firm
Chief Investment Officer, Investment Firm
Head of Net Lease Investments, Industrial REIT
President, USA, International Investment Firm

Asset and Portfolio Management

Head of Asset Management, Office REIT
VP of Asset Management, Investment Firm
Head of Residential Real Estate, Family Office
VP, Corporate Real Estate, Energy Company
Portfolio Manager, Public Securities, Sovereign Wealth Fund
Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund
Director, Latin American Fund, Financial Services Firm
Managing Director, Head of Hotel Investment, Investment Firm
Director of Real Estate Investments
EVP, Investment Management
SVP, Structured Finance
Managing Director, Equity Capital Markets
Director, Equity Capital Markets
Head of Inflation Hedging Assets


Chief Accounting Officer, Office REIT
Senior VP, Compliance, Private Equity Firm
VP, Property Accounting, Commercial REIT
Controller, Senior Housing REIT
Director, Property Accounting, Office REIT
Head of Strategic Planning and Reporting, Public REIT
REIT Analyst (sell side), Research and Trading Firm
REIT Analyst (buy side), Investment Firm
Chief Compliance Officer


VP, Development, Retail REIT
Senior VP, International Development, Retail REIT
President, Development, Office REIT
VP, Development, Industrial REIT
VP, Multifamily Development, Private Firm
Project Manager, Residential Real Estate, Family Office
President, Development and Construction, Private Owner/Developer
Regional Head, West Coast Development, Private Development Firm

Capital Raising, Institutional Sales and Investment Banking

Institutional Salesperson, Research & Trading Firm
Director of Institutional Sales, Investment Fund
Managing Director, Investment Sales, Services Firm
President, Capital Markets, Services Firm
Head of Capital Markets, Investment Firm
Director, Real Estate Investment Banking, Investment Bank
VP, Real Estate Investment Banking
President, Capital Markets, Investment Firm

Nonprofit Real Estate

Chief Operating Officer
Executive Director
Head of Mortgage Insurance
VP, Real Estate Development
Deputy Director, Operations
Director of Property Management
Director of Housing Development
Director of Media and Communications

Marketing and Client Service

SVP, Marketing and Investor Relations
Managing Director, Marketing and Client Service
SVP, Client Service and Marketing
SVP, Marketing
SVP, Sales and Marketing
VP, Account Client Management
VP, Marketing and Client Service